Enjoy the picturesque and pristine landscape

Lumbarda is a small town on the eastern cape of the forested island of Korčula.

The picturesque and pristine landscape, its indented coastline and a crystal clear sea surrounding it make it so interesting, as well as its sandy beaches which are rare in the Adriatic, its rich history preserved in the witten documents more than two thousand years old, the vicinity of the beautiful town of Korčula, shady olive groves, excellent wine made from the grape variety which thrives only in this area, preserved folk customs, local culinary specialties, but most of all – its hospitable hosts.

Lumbarda is located some 6 km from the town of Korčula which is well connected with the land.

From the town of Korčula to Lumbarda one can arrive by regular local bus, taxi or boat.

Bathers are attracted by its sandy beaches and the archipelago of some 20 islets close to the town. The landscape is full of the scent of aromatic Mediterranean herbs, pines and salt, and among a range of different colors, the predominant colors are the ones ranging from turquoise to dark blue, the whiteness of the sand and stone, the greenness of pines and the silvery-green color of agave. Above the landscape, together with the cries of seagulls and the sound of seawaves, the warmth of the sun effuses, inebriating both the body and the soul.