Natural beauty

The places you should not miss:

Kočje Nature Park (Žrnovo)

Žrnovo is a small town located 4 kilometra away from the old town center of Korčula. Only one thousand inhabitants still live in the town, known for its numerous small churches and traditional restaurants and taverns.

Kočje Nature Park, near the town of Žrnovo is filled with natural beauty which will leave you breathless

St. Anthony's Hill (Korčula)

St. Anthony's Hill (Glavica Sv. Antuna) is a religious monument and a protected park architecture. It is an important historical and cultural monument of Korčula. It is only a half-hour walk away from the center of Korčula in the direction of Lumbarda. There are 102 steps leading to the top of the hill, bordered by a cypress alley planted in 1708.

Defora (Žrnovo)

Defora is a region on the south-east side of the island of Korčula, well-known for its beautiful beaches and other natural attractions. It abounds with seafronts from which one can enjoy a divine view of the surrounding area, in particular during a sunset. Many visitors consider this very area the most beautiful part of the island.


Pupnat, a village situated on the island of Korčula, is characterized by natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is worth mentioning the three churches which are found there, the oldest one, the church of St. George (sv. Juraj) being mentioned for the first time in 1383.


Smokvica is situated in the interior of the island of Korčula. As a tourist destination, it will be particularly interesting to ethnography lovers. Except for its heritage and tradition, this place is well-known for its two dry white wines, such as - pošipa and rukatac – produced from autochthonousous grape varieties. The nearest mountain is located at the Brna bay, some 4 km away.

Tourist Excursions

Visit numerous island attractions

We can offer you the experience of fishing (day and night), grape harvest in September (grk, pošip, rukatac) and olive harvest in November and December. Considering the proximity to the land and regular shipping lines, Korčula is the right place for one-day or multiple-day excursions.

Some of the popular tourist destinations are as follows: Imotski, Međugorje, islands Brač and Hvar, Mount Biokovo, Trogir and, of course, the pearl of the Adriatic - Dubrovnik. Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque town – all in one.

This town is certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the world. It is situated in the very south of Dalmatia. However, before you proceed, we definitely suggest you explore the island of Korčula by yourself , its beauty and islets in the immediate vicinity (such as Badija, Vrnik, Kamenjak, Gojak, Planjak, Gubavac, Majsan etc.). Make sure to visit the town of Korčula – the biggest town on the island – with the birth house of Marco Polo and its ancient walls.

Among other interesting destinations, visit Žrnovo, Blato and Vela Luka – the town celebrated in verses.

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